Saturday, January 31, 2015

Getting to Next Symposium-Home Run

Speaking softly but with a boatload of confidence, Carole Hyatt, the founder of the "Getting to Next" symposiums in New York, welcomed a uniquely eclectic high-octane crowd of women to her latest salon.  These women  generally think rather highly of themselves --with good reason, but they also know when and how to conceal that opinion!

This time, Hyatt  assembled an unlikely mix of  attendees, mentors and speakers; senior military officers and accomplished executives bound by one common denominator-a passion for new adventures. They  arrived at the symposium with big expectations and they left after sharing a dizzying number of  conundrums and opportunities that surround the career transition process.

The confab ended with  the women forming a friendship circle--not to make one last point of self-praise, but to reinforce others' contributions to the rich learning experience at this "Luxury Boot Camp." Hyatt's Getting to Next symposiums are organized with both repeat attendees  and new  blood among the participants. There is a regular changing of the guard among speakers.

This past week I was honored to participate as a speaker and as a "Master Mentor; I had my work cut out for me with this extraordinary crowd that routinely  thinks outside the box.  My topic: Define your Negotiating DNA to Optimize Negotiations at any Table."  I have spoken publicly about this subject matter for years; applying poker principles to negotiations across the board. Yet, this time I had more than the usual tinge of stage fright.

Fresh off an appearance on Poker Night In America (for CBS Sports Network), a week earlier, I had assessed my performance: I  held my own but fell far short of a scintillating end result. So my confidence was just a bit off-key.  I  got into the Getting to Next groove by attending the opening cocktail party. I read bios, chatted briefly with as many of the attendees, as I could,  and shook hands with more, before taking center stage in the intimate setting, of this super-charged interactive workshop.

Within seconds of  turning to the attentive audience, I was on! I moved from private pouting to a reinvigorated  commitment  to excellence, thanks to this fabulous group of women invested in our shared success, together. Facilitator extraordinaire Carole Hyatt works this magic in dulcet tones that resonate as a powerful voice.

Monday, January 26, 2015

BBC Rudy Giuliani Mayor of America (Excerpt)

In revisiting my participation in this BBC Documentary, I was taken by the power of filmmaker Celia Lowenstein's vision and the narration of Sir Harold Evans' as well as the impact of Rudy Giuliani's extraordinary leadership and personal immersion in the events of 9.11.

As the years go by, not only since 9.11 but also since Giuliani's active role as a government official, I think back to his achievements in governing a city that many looked upon as ungovernable. And even with very divided opinion, including my own reservations on his tactics, at times, I believe we benefited greatly in his commitment to a safe city and an era of unparalleled civility in NYC.  

 I'm also reminded throughout the documentary that all of the other speakers are strong men. 
For more information/access to the full documentary, contact

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Career transition counseling workshop

At last night’s EOLIS Career Transition Counseling workshop for the Union League Group,  I tested out a format that allowed a 2 hour window devoted exclusively to a Q & A produced by the participants, spontaneously.

Some of the questions were:
1)      What are the materials needed? Professional bio, resume, work matter summary—and more
2)      How helpful are job boards? Variable , but often they pose more risks than rewards
3)      How do you avoid feeling the ups and downs during the interviewing process—treat connections and interviews as a numbers game and keep up the numbers!
4)       How do you parlay jack of all trades and master of none into a favored specialty- link your intellect and work ethic with prior developed skills and abilities to the position you seek.   
The top rated question was: “How does one find the “hidden jobs”- - the ones that are not accessed on employer websites, job boards” and search firm, “laundry lists”. 

Answer: “In a nutshell, through networking techniques not taught in social media 101”

These questions among others are covered in EOLIS jump start career transition consultations.

Optimizing one’s job search depends upon networking effectively; developing those skills long before it’s time to make the move is the single biggest step you can take to lower stress on any unanticipated doomsday.

And, investing in your future with a savvy support group, and /or a highly qualified professional career transition counsellor (different from an outplacement specialist) can be the quickest path to creating new channels of contacts, links, and relevant introductions.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Two Eolis Sisters Celebrate Manhattan

It is a tradition!  Sharon and Wendeen celebrate the holiday season, sharing their love for Manhattan; restaurants, theater, museums, and, the must see Alvin Ailey dance company. The joy of Ailey's longtime signature  piece, Revelations, never runs out of joy.

Last weekend Ailey paired Revelations with  the beautiful new Odetta, a tribute to the legendary folk singer, at the Saturday matinee--a Sharon bestowed on Wendeen.  And Wendeen returned the favor,  tipping off  Sharon an avid civil rights activist  to the impassioned, riveting choreography that explodes before your eyes in the dance company's timely offering of "Uprising."

The two sisters continue their  family time celebration over the Hanukkah and Christmas  holidays, taking in great food for though. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Welcome to Wendeen's World

For the past 12 years, I have written hundreds of articles for business, legal and gaming industry publications; most notably  I followed legal and business developments in the gaming industry.

Believing that life is best lived as a perpetual Renaissance, I embark  here on an expanded commitment to writing as an independent thinker in diverse nooks and crannies of life.

I cherish my life experience gained to date, but believe the best is yet to come! With unprecedented  freedom to be in the moment, to look backward and forward at all that I discover and explore without abandoning obligations of respect and discretion, as deserved.

Just in case that guy upstairs wants a report, I want to be ready!