Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Career transition counseling workshop

At last night’s EOLIS Career Transition Counseling workshop for the Union League Group,  I tested out a format that allowed a 2 hour window devoted exclusively to a Q & A produced by the participants, spontaneously.

Some of the questions were:
1)      What are the materials needed? Professional bio, resume, work matter summary—and more
2)      How helpful are job boards? Variable , but often they pose more risks than rewards
3)      How do you avoid feeling the ups and downs during the interviewing process—treat connections and interviews as a numbers game and keep up the numbers!
4)       How do you parlay jack of all trades and master of none into a favored specialty- link your intellect and work ethic with prior developed skills and abilities to the position you seek.   
The top rated question was: “How does one find the “hidden jobs”- - the ones that are not accessed on employer websites, job boards” and search firm, “laundry lists”. 

Answer: “In a nutshell, through networking techniques not taught in social media 101”

These questions among others are covered in EOLIS jump start career transition consultations. eolis@eolis.com

Optimizing one’s job search depends upon networking effectively; developing those skills long before it’s time to make the move is the single biggest step you can take to lower stress on any unanticipated doomsday.

And, investing in your future with a savvy support group, and /or a highly qualified professional career transition counsellor (different from an outplacement specialist) can be the quickest path to creating new channels of contacts, links, and relevant introductions.