Monday, January 26, 2015

BBC Rudy Giuliani Mayor of America (Excerpt)

In revisiting my participation in this BBC Documentary, I was taken by the power of filmmaker Celia Lowenstein's vision and the narration of Sir Harold Evans' as well as the impact of Rudy Giuliani's extraordinary leadership and personal immersion in the events of 9.11.

As the years go by, not only since 9.11 but also since Giuliani's active role as a government official, I think back to his achievements in governing a city that many looked upon as ungovernable. And even with very divided opinion, including my own reservations on his tactics, at times, I believe we benefited greatly in his commitment to a safe city and an era of unparalleled civility in NYC.  

 I'm also reminded throughout the documentary that all of the other speakers are strong men. 
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